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The Clients We Serve

At New York Surveyor, we work with individual land and homeowners, as well as businesses, non-profits or other entities. We service a variety of clients and industries including law firms, title companies, builders, contractors, commercial land developers and more. We are also happy to work with the individual land and homeowners.

Individual Land and Homeowners

We provide a variety of Residential Surveying Services for the individual land or homeowners, including surveys for real estate transfer, property boundary disputes, zoning variance applications, home additions or other home improvement projects and more.

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Title Companies and Law Firms

We provide accurate Lot Surveys in a timely manner for the transfer of property, as well as for resolution of property boundary disputes. We are also willing and qualified to be an expert witness in case of any lawsuits.

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Home Builders and Contractors

We provide a full array of Surveying Services for Home Builders and Contractors, including construction survey & stakeout services for individual properties, as well as entire subdivisions and commercial projects.

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Commercial Land Developers

Whether it is a residential housing subdivision, an industrial park or a multi-million dollar commercial construction project, we can provide land surveying services and any necessary supportting documentation for all aspects of subdivision design and commercial land development. Plus we have experience in Planning and Zoning Board Presentation.

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