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Individual Land and Homeowners

We provide a variety of Residential Surveying Services for the individual land or homeowners of New York. We will do lot boundary surveys to help solve property boundary disputes or zoning variance applications. We can provide surveys prior to the start of a home addition or other home improvement projects.

Real Estate Transfer: Since the purchase of a home is usually the largest lifetime investment that a you will make, it is important to choose a qualified Real Estate Transfer Surveyor. Having an accurate survey avoids future liability for the individual land owner, as well as bank that provided the financing.

Surveys for Home Additions: If you are considering an addition or major home improvements to your home, you may want to consider a lot survey FIRST. Performing a lot survey BEFORE you proceed with home improvements, reduces your exposure to potential property line disputes later. Plus, if you are financing the improvements, your mortgage company or title insurance company may REQUIRE you to obtain a survey.

Lot Splitting / Parcel Division: Lot Split Surveys are done in preparation to divide an existing parcel of land into two or more parcels. All surveys for lot splits include a plat of the new parcels and the required legal description to record the split.

Property Boundary Disputes: In matters of a property boudary dispute, we perform a Boundary Survey of the parcel and a Property Line Stakeout (setting wood stakes or iron pins along the property lines of a parcel of land). We provide a survey of a parcel of land (as described by a metes and bounds) which includes any existing structures as they relate to the property boundaries and the legal description (or a lot, block and plat book legal description)

Lot Survey for Property Improvements: (Site Plan Survey or Plot Plan Survey) Usually a combination of boundary and topographic surveys is provided to be used for the preparation of a site plan to be used for designing improvements or developments, and obtaining building permits.

Lot Survey for Zoning or Variance Application: A Variance Survey is drawn to scale, showing existing structure and proposed additions/changes. Variance Surveys show existing and proposed front yard, side yard and rear yard setbacks. If needed, the Variance Survey will include existing and proposed impervious lot coverage, as well as existing and proposed principal building coverage.