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Services We Provide

New York Surveyor provides land surveys for title searches, property disputes, construction staking, variance application and more. We work with developers, contractors, attorneys, title companies, business owners, as well as individual land and homeowners.

Boundary Surveys / Land Title Surveys

We are well experienced in providing Real Estate Transfer Surveys at the request of the bank, existing home-owner, prospective buyer, Realtor, attorney, title company or any other party involved in the purchase or finance of the property and we understand the importance of accuracy as well as expediency in Real Estate transfers.

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Environmental Surveys

The American Land Title Association or ALTA, is a national trade association representing the interests of the abstract of title and title insurance industries. In addition to active members engaged in the title industry, associate members cover a wide range of businesses and occupations relating to real estate law, sales, development, design, construction, and financing.

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Land Elevation Certificate Surveys

An Elevation Certificate, or FEMA Certificate identifies the flood and non-flood hazard areas in which a particular property is located. The form also indicates the elevation of the building. The Elevation Certificate is used to estimate the risks for flooding by insurance companies for the purpose of quoting your property flood insurance rates.

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Subdivision Platting

Platting is the process that guarantees that the state, counties and municipalities can control the way they develop and grow. This includes extending infrastructure ,roads and utilities. The platting process insures that when development happens it will conform with local laws and rules.

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Topographical Surveys

We provide Topographical Surveys on small lots, as well as properties in excess of several hundred acres. These Topographical Surveys indicate the aspects of the land surface and include Relief, Natural Elements and Man-made Features.

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Additional Surveying Services

In addition to our highlighted surveying services (Real Estate Transfer Surveys, Alta Surveys, Topographic Surveys, Surveys for Additions), we provide a variety of other surveying services, including, but not limited to:

  • Lot Line Staking
  • Surveys for Zoning / Variance Applications
  • Real Estate Transfer Surveys
  • Surveys for Additions
  • Construction Staking and Surveying
  • Interior and exterior measuring of buildings for Architectural Design, renovation, and square footage calculations
  • As-Built Survey
  • Subdivisions
  • Forensic Surveying
  • Alta Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys