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Real Estate Transfer Surveys (or Land Title Surveys)

We are well experienced in providing Real Estate Transfer Surveys (Lot Surveys) and we understand the importance of accuracy as well as expediency in Real Estate transfers.

We know that it is our Real Estate Transfer Survey that provides assurance to the lender and buyer that the property they are purchasing is what has been represented by the seller.

We will perform a Real Estate Transfer Survey at the request of the bank, existing home-owner, prospective buyer, Realtor, attorney, title company or any other party involved in the purchase or finance of the property.

Our Real Estate Transfer Survey will provide information about the property boundaries and the clearance needed with any adjoining property. We will prepare a map and mark the boundary fences and cross fences of the land, as well as any natural or artificial feature that we see in the land.

We will certify that the plot is accurate and sign and fix the seal of registration to our Real Estate Transfer Surveys.

What we need to get started

You need to provide the description of the property (which is available in the deed), the title insurance policy and the abstract of the property.