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How is a Lot Survey done?

In the course of the survey the property corners will be found, if they have been disturbed they will be reset and marked with an iron pin and plastic cap bearing the surveyors registration number. If corners are not visible from one another, stakes may be placed on line between them if the owner asks for the lines to be marked.

On completion of the survey, all corners should be marked with a “witness” stake so they can easily be found for the short term. You should be aware though that the actual corner is the metal pin in the ground.

Any encroachments and easements will be shown on the survey plat which is a drawing depicting the work done. If requested the home and other improvements will be located and shown on the plat as well.

A legal description will also be given for the property. In most all instances on a closing or lot survey the legal description will be something similar to “Lot 2, according to Happy Estates Subdivision, as recorded in Plat Book 30, Page 10, in the Office of the Judge of Probate in Madison County, Alabama.”

This legal description gives all of the required elements for anyone in the future to be able to relocate this parcel of land. The subdivision map is typically recorded in the County Probate Office in a Plat Book or Map Book. Anyone has access to review this map and get a copy of it.